More About City Vision

CityVision has a core of about 28 members and meets monthly. Debates are always informative and usually robust. It has an extended mailing list of over 400 and it engages from time to time in advocacy around specific issues with government at all levels.  Examples of projects it

has initiated or advocated include:

  • An international design competition for the Perth Foreshore. (1991;
  • A major City Challenge conference
  • Successful criticism and an influential alternative plan for the Perth Foreshore development (2002=2009)
  • A successful campaign for the retention of the of Council House, a unique modern architectural gem (1993),
  • Development of a new Cathedral Square for Perth in the Treasury Buildings/St George’s Cathedral Precinct (1999-2008) and
  • The establishment of an Inner-City Housing Taskforce (2001).

(See : A brief history of CityVision)

CityVision’s Founder

Bill Warnock ran a successful advertising agency and was an inner-city landlord with unequalled love for Perth, interested in finding effective ways to improve the city’s life and culture. He was a talented writer, and successful novelist and playwright, passionate about, and committed to, the arts.

With his profound belief in the city as the crucible of civilised and cultural as well as economic life, it was he who called together a diverse group of planners, architects and other professionals to form what became CityVision in 1987. Through his gregarious personality, Bill set the pace and dialectic tone of the organisation, which it retains today – a great legacy.

Sadly Bill passed away in 2001

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