Agenda for Action 2011


These are the actions that are needed to implement the objectives set out in the Manifesto.

They recognise that there are several principal instruments of action:
the provisions of the City Planning Scheme and regulations and policies of the City of Perth that govern private development and activity;

  • the plans, policies, activities and projects of the City of Perth related to the creation and use of the public realm – the streets and public spaces – of the City;
  • the planning policies and regulatory provisions of a range of State government agencies; and, not least
  • the policies and, especially the development projects, of the State government, through its departments and agencies.

Some of these actions are ongoing, some are finite and short-term, and others are for the longer term.

Some are urgent and high priority, others less so.

Some concern the physical form and development of the city and some the way land and public spaces should be used.

Finally, they address governance – the process of planning and decision-making for the Capital City.

In the main, actions are set out in the approximate order of priority or urgency. Each action is referenced to one or more of the Objectives of the Manifesto.

Circumstances change. Unlike the Manifesto, which is based on essentially unchanging values, actions must be responsive to the demands and the opportunities of the day. Accordingly, CityVision’s Agenda for action will be constantly under review.

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