Cathedral Square

First proposed in 1991 by (now) CityVision chairman Ken Adam, revised in 2010, the removal of the Law Chambers/Public Trust building would create a city square north of St Georges Cathedral. This would provide both a much-needed civic space and a setting for the beautiful façade of Perth’s old Land Titles Office.

CityVision has consistently advocated the square as integral to the restoration and development of the Titles Office and the old Treasury Building. With the latter, negotiations between State, City, Church and private interests are proceeding, with provision of a significantly reduced square as part of wider redevelopment. Under current plans, the Public Trust building would remain after removal of the Law Chambers section, allowing a new City Library and new Cathedral Square.

Unfortunately, this solution is deeply compromised: building envelopes leave a significant open area north of the Cathedral that would remain in winter shadow as would much of the Cathedral.

The Library would be better located within this area than between the Public Trust and the Land Titles Office, as proposed, where it will reduce significantly the scale of the public square facing the Titles Office façade, and the exposure of the square to the north, to Hay Street and the winter sun.

Cathedral Square Proposal – Summary of Current Position

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