CityVision has long championed development of Perth’s waterfront, to create a more enjoyable and accessible foreshore. Our aim has always been to maximize civic value, taking advantage of our unique riverfront, while maintaining and adding to the future public domain. This can be done to the benefit of both the business and the general community,

The report by twelve invited experts and a summary is available

Fig 1: Elizabeth Quay: CityVision Refined Concept 2013

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Refined Plan

Existing Scheme


Riverside Drive

  • Riverside Drive and its traffic flows are retained; travel times and distances do not extend around the inlet.
  • No traffic diverts into the CBD; disruption and congestion are minimised.
  • The beautifully-designed bridge becomes a tourist attraction in its own right.
  • Riverside Drive remains Perth’s emblematic waterfront parkway route.

Foreshore Access

  • The bridge gives unhindered boardwalk access to the river for pedestrians, cyclists; and boats to the inlet.
  • Pedestrian and cycle routes continue uninterrupted on the bridge and along the foreshore.

Development and Scale

  • A large proportion of the scheme is devoted to office and residential development.
  • There is great scope for private and corporate involvement.
  • Smaller commercial and retail activities proliferate along the waterside boardwalks.
  • The graduated scale and location of buildings ensures greater sun penetration throughout the year, while still allowing taller, substantial buildings away from the foreshore.

The Esplanade

  • A significant part of The Esplanade is retained – in recognition of its heritage – for everyday recreation, social and special events such as the traditional Anzac Day celebration.
  • Water views from St Georges Terrace, eg down Howard Street and Sherwood Court across the Esplanade, remain more open as a result.

New Cultural Precinct

  • This scheme allows for the evolution of a dynamic riverside cultural precinct,” attracting tourists and visitors.
  • It incorporates sites for new institutions symbolic of the “New Perth; (Eg:  the Indigenous Culture Centre , a Museum of Indian Ocean  & Asian History, a Contemporary  Art Museum, and/or a new Opera House)
  • These will be of international standing, of cultural significance and of enduring visitor interest.


The refined plan will be more functional, exciting, attractive, accessible and dynamic. It will create greater opportunities for a wide range of tourists and visitors, locally, intrastate, interstate and international.

It represents a natural evolution of the current plan – to be expected in projects of this scale – and will not disrupt the ongoing development process at Elizabeth Quay.


Fig 4:  Bridge allows bikeways, pedestrians, ferries beneath; Esplanade remains; Cultural Precinct develops. Less overshadowing and wind.
Fig 5; General layout of CityVision Plan

* The twelve-expert, CityVision-sponsored, Citizens’ Enquiry into Elizabeth Quay was headed by the Hon Robert Nicholson AO, Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Bolton AO and retired Assoc. Professor of Architecture David Standen AM,

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