Northbridge ‘Link’ – The REAL Northbridge Link

LOST: Perth’s Opportunity of a Lifetime

The State proposes to sink the remaining rail lines between Perth Station and Lake Street Northbridge, to provide 13ha of land for development. CityVision believes there should be a new central city park – a superb civic asset, to enhance value and enjoyment for this and future generations.

Significantly, the CityVision plan:

  • provided a much-needed Fitzgerald Street-Milligan Street cross-city road link;
  • provides a great central park of 5 hectares, a green heart for the city
  • creates significant value increase in surrounding areas, due to the superb park setting
  • can be implemented more easily, in very much less time, with less risk and at very much lower cost, than the EPRA plan. – an overall saving of approximately $46 million
  • provides beautiful and relatively inexpensive landscaped parkland above the railway lines, including concealing the line, as it rises from below the surface, in elegantly moulded land form and planting;
  • provides for 100,000m² of commercial development opportunities; and
  • provides about 1000 new apartments, all with views across the park to the north, or south to the City Centre and – for some – beyond the city to the river;

1.Details and benefits of our plan are set out in the CityVision submission


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